The Duties and Organization of this Commission

   This Commission implements disciplinary matters concerning national public servants in accordance with Article 77 of the Constitution. Any public servant, who violates law or is negligent in his or her duty, regardless of his or her rank or whether he or she is a political appointee or a ministerial official, shall be reviewed by this Commission in accordance with law.

This Commission's current organic law call for one chief commissioner, who has a rank of "special appointment" and is also considered as a commissioner, is responsible for managing the Commission's affairs, and supervising subordinate personnel. There are 9 to 15 commissioners. Anyone shall have a rank of "selected appointment 14th grade". Their responsibility is to independently deliberate disciplinary matters in accordance with law. In addition to the appointment qualifications set forth in the Public Servants Appointment Law, commissioners must also meet the special appointment conditions of Organic Law. All current commissioners have a deep knowledge of the law and plentiful administration experiences, and all are experienced judges.