Strengthening Investigation at the Commissions Initiative and Verbal Argument

  Generally, this Commission deliberates disciplinary cases on the basis of written documents. However, in order to fully understand the facts of a case, and ensure that disciplinary punishments are just and proper, this Commission has strengthened its own initiative investigation and verbal argument system in accordance with the provisions of the latter section of Paragraph 1 of Article 20 of the Law of Disciplinary Sanctions of Public Functionaries. Accordingly, in cases of complex、 serious nature, or in which the facts remain to be clarified, several designated commissioners shall, in conjunction with assigned commissioners, jointly perform detailed investigations at relevant agencies or notify the public servant referred for discipline and other relevant persons to come to the Commission to respond the questions; this shall give the person referred for discipline an opportunity to give verbal arguments and clarifying explanations, ensuring that the disciplined person's rights are fully protected.