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Disciplinary Court


Disciplinary Judicial Panels


Disciplinary Judicial Panels                 

 Flow Chart for Adjudication

Flow Chart for the Trial Procedure of the Disciplinary Judicial Panels



Seating Chart for the CourtroomSeating Chart for the CourtroomA

1. Seat for Presiding Justice
2-5. Seats for Justices
6. Seat for Clerk
7. Seat for interpreter, recording, and the transmission of files and evidence
8-9. Seats for agents and defense attorneys
10. Seat for the government office which seeks to discipline the civil servant
11. Seat for the civil servant
12. Platform for answering questions for persons other than the parties
13. Seats for witnesses and expert witnesses (Tables are provided only when needed)
14. Seats for law interns and news reporters
15. Seats for audience

  • Release Date:2023-05-15
  • Update:2023-05-17